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28/05/17 - Josh Evolution: May 2016 VS May 2017

By Robert Gourley

This shows just how much the design of Josh has changed in the past year:

01/03/17 - Oldest surviving drawing

By Robert Gourley

This is the oldest surviving drawing I have, done early 2004, so about 13 years ago. The big eyes were, I think, my attempt to make myself look like Tommy Pickles from Rugrats, though I'm not entirely sure. I have one older "partial drawing" from December 2003 that I'd say doesn't count, since only the facial features were actually drawn and I probably had a lot of help making it, so I place this as my first. Anyway, enjoy:

01/03/17 - 8 year old G-Circle drawings

By Robert Gourley

Here's a really awful drawing I did back in 2009, showing "G" with "D" and "E". I called these characters the "G-Circles", and they bear no similarity to how I draw now.

01/03/17 - Drawing for somebody

By Robert Gourley

Thought I'd share a drawing I did for someone else yesterday. The character is theirs, the drawing mine:

19/02/17 - Welcome to my new art site

By Robert Gourley

So I intend this to replace the embarassing RJDG14 Cartoons page on the site. I'm going to import most of my existing work over to show you a portfolio of what I've drawn since the age of 9, along with regularly posting new stuff too. As a starter, I thought I'd share some Angus expressions that I drew early on today. I think he's started looking more fluent to my eyes. Click to enlarge.

Plus, here's a cleaned up, coloured version of the top-left Angus sketch: