A 10 month delayed and anticipated update:

I'm still here - sorry for the lack of updates in the past 10 months. I was scared of using my main PC, which was the only one that I had access to the email address associated with this website. I'd disconnected the PC, so it would have been a hassle to just set it up for a day to do an update. Appologies for this.

Anyway, almost a year on from the last update, and I can tell you how I've progressed and depressed (got worse). First off, as of only 2 weeks ago, I chose to bleach my dark brown hair. It's now a light ginger/strawberry-blonde tone, and I'm kind of liking it. I'm intending to give it another bleach, which will hopefully make it a pale yellow tone in order to be able to tone it to a light blonde colour.

I've also got into buying music (CDs and vinyl) from charity shops and car boot sales, following the buying of a £45 (reduced from £60) USB record player, that isn't great, to say the least. The most obvious problem is the wobbly platter (apparently this is part of the design), and it causes some slight warping that can disturb how the music sounds if you notice small things in the audio track.

As for my cartoon characters, they're still alive, although this has been a lesser priority lately, and the style is somewhat more free flowing and sketchy than in January, however they retain the same basic look and feel. Think how The Simpsons have evolved from the start of Season 1 (1989) to present.

Music hasn't been excellent. I have come up with song ideas, but they've always been at times when I've not been free to write them down. Then when I try and write a song down the words and melody just aren't there.

Anyway, coming next, a new site design. Don't worry - it won't be using the free Google templates - something that I'm trying to be unique on. I feel the desktop is the best device to view the web on - phones can also view it just fine. Annoying floaty headers and large text just annoy me.

Please click here if you wish to ask about any other plans for the near future.